Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Content Provider and Content Resolver

A ContentProvider is a generic mechanism for an application to provide
access to data. This is done by subclassing ContentProvider,
implementing certain methods, and publishing information in the manifest.

To access data provided by ContentProvider(s), you use ContentResolver.
There is no need to subclass.


This mechanism is used in certain Google applications.

Some of those, but not all, are considered to be part of the SDK, and
can be used by other applications as well:


Some others are internal, and should not be used by other applications.

These internal providers can change at any time: with a new Android
release, a new version of a Google application, or even when Android is
customized by a device manufacturer.

These include Calendar and GMail, and perhaps more. It's not a good idea
to use them in your application.

If you do, and make it work somehow, be aware that your code can break
at any time.

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